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10 best baby shower gifts according to mums

We’ve rounded up the most useful baby shower gifts you can give your mommy friends.

So a friend or loved one just made the announcement—they’re having a baby! After giving the initial congratulatory hugs and messages, you are now left with the task of finding the perfect baby shower gift for the little bun in the oven.

First off, you need to familiarize yourself with the couple and their interests. Are they very eco-friendly? Do they travel a lot? What kind of movies do they enjoy? This will tell you a lot about how they will plan to raise the baby as well as the products they will most likely use apart from the essentials. Aside from that you can also check the baby shower invite for some hints you can use to choose your gift including the baby’s gender or the theme for the celebration.

Here’s a quick guide to help you get started with shopping for a gift.


1. Pureen Baby Head to Toe Wash

Getting something mum can use to bath baby from head to toe is practical and very convenient. She won’t have to reach for a shampoo and a separate soap while bathing the little one. Pureen’s baby head to toe wash is perfectly formulated for baby’s sensitive skin and is even gentle to eyes. It has Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E for baby’s delicate hair and scalp.


2. Baby swaddle wraps

This is useful for the first few months but can be also be used as a towel or a nifty blanket for when the baby’s a little bit bigger. Choose a hypoallergenic one made from soft cushiony fabric to keep baby comfy.



3. Pureen Liquid Cleanser

This is very useful especially since mum will be washing a lot of bottles everyday. It’s made from plant-based substances which makes it even ideal for washing vegetables and fruits. It effectively washes off milk fats and stains from bottles.


4. Baby scrapbook

Help mum keep precious track of her baby’s milestones and special moments with a fancy baby scrapbook. Choose one made from sturdy material that can last a lifetime so that when baby grows up and mum wants to share these memories with him or her,  the scrapbook is still in good condition.



5. Pureen Nappy Rash Cream

This is definitely a must to have for newborns who will have to change nappies a few times everyday. You will also need one that’s especially made for baby’s ultra sensitive skin. This one is formulated to prevent nappy rash-causing bacteria.


6. Toddler gate

This is one of the most useful products a mum can get. One who puts a premium on her baby’s safety. Choose a sturdy one that can last a few years—from when the baby starts crawling up to around age 3 or 4.



7. Pureen Anti-Bacterial Detergent

Because babies have very sensitive skin we need to make sure everything his skin comes in contact with is clean. It’s also best to get detergent that won’t leave the fabric feeling starchy rough. Pureen’s Anti-Bacterial Detergent gives fabric a soft smooth feel. It’s formulated with germicides to kill stubborn germs on babies’ bibs and towels.


8. Emergency diaper bag

Gift mum an emergency diaper bag  if she is always on the go, travels a lot, and is almost always busy with errands. Get her this little life-saver she can put in the car and bring out when she forgets to bring her diaper bag. This emergency diaper bag can be a small one with essentials like diaper, nappy rash cream, extra bottles and extra shirts.



9. Pureen Baby Wipes

This one’s a must-have inside baby’s diaper bag, for diaper changing on the go. You need one that’s hypoallergenic and alcohol free that won’t irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Pureen’s wipes are made with “flushable” and biodegradable plant materials for easy disposal.



10. Pureen Mosquito Repellant

Mums would love how this product keeps not just mosquitoes away but also other insects like ticks, flies, wasps, bees, and even lice. It is DEET and alcohol free and has been tested safe for use for children.


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5 Features that make a great baby wipe

Baby wipes are a mum’s best friend because of their many uses, from cleaning up spills to keeping your baby germ free. How do you choose the best baby wipe for your child? Here are the features to look for when choosing a baby wipe.

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It’s thick but soft.

Baby wipes that tear easily or dry up right away are a waste of money. Pureen’s baby wipes are thick and soft, which makes changing time a breeze for your baby since it gets the job done in a couple of swipes, and the softness won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

It’s convenient to bring with you or leave in the nursery.

One of the best things about those travel packs of baby wipes, like Pureen’s Baby Wipes in pink, is that you can stash it inside your diaper bag without it taking up too much space. If you want to avoid the chance of leaving your baby wipes behind when you head out, put a travel pack inside your diaper bag, and use the Baby Wipes Jar in your child’s room, so that you’re sure you’ll have one ready at all times. Choose between jars that have 150 pulls, or 200 pulls.

It’s gentle on your baby’s skin.


Some babies’ skin get quite sensitive, making their mums fret over looking for a product that’s safe yet effective for their baby’s skin. If you notice some irritation or redness on your baby’s skin, look for a baby wipe that’s fragrance free and has ingredients that will help soothe the skin. Pureen’s Baby Wipes with aloe vera and Vitamin E is fragrance free. In addition, the added ingredients are made to soothe, not irritate, your child’s skin.

It can be for other uses.

Baby wipes are primarily used for cleaning up your baby during changing time, or to clean surfaces or anything that might come into contact with your baby. But the usefulness of baby wipes extend to so much more, from wiping up spills, cleaning stains on clothes in a jiffy, or getting the hands of those who want to interact with your baby clean and ready (meaning, germ-free!)

The whole family can use it.

While it’s essential for your child to have baby wipes wherever he or she may go, they’re not the only ones who may benefit from the convenience and cleaning powers of a baby wipe. Parents will find it handy when cleaning, from food spills to those “accidental” marker drawings on the walls. It’s also gentle enough for adults to use on their face as a makeup remover, making it the easy way to wipe the day’s dirt off your face. You can also use it when you need to use the bathroom, or to clean your clothes, or to keep you cool during those extra hot days. The possibilities are endless—talk about more bang for your buck!

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Baby Product Terms Explained

What you need to know to protect your sensitive baby’s skin from irritation

You might have seen them while shopping for products for your baby. They have these splashed across packaging and featured in different types of advertisements.: Hypoallergenic, PH balanced, fragrance-free. What do these terms in baby products even mean? And what do these mean for your baby’s skin? Here’s a quick guide to understanding these terms and what it could do for your baby.




This means the product is formulated to minimize allergic reaction even in baby’s allergy-prone skin. It is clinically tested safe for use in sensitive skin and doesn’t contain potentially skin-irritating substances. Pureen Hypoallergenic Detergent, for instance, leaves no chemical residue on fabric and does not irritate baby’s delicate skin. It has no bleach or phosphate that can cause skin irritation.




This means that the product contains substances that kills bacteria and suppresses their growth. It, thus, prevents the spread of germs and protects babies from a host of diseases caused by bacteria. The Chlorhexide found in Pureen Skin Protectant Powder, for example, makes it a potent anti-bacterial defense against germs.




What we think is always good (because it smells good) might be bad for baby’s skin. Fragrance in most products contain alcohol that can cause skin irritations. A product that’s fragrance-free and alcohol-free means it doesn’t have harmful chemicals that can be too strong and thus irritating for baby’s sensitive skin. To avoid skin irritation use only fragrance-free products like Pureen Baby Wipes. This is alcohol- and paraben-free and is made from biodegradable plant-based substances.




Similar to anti-bacterial. Antiseptic means it contains substances that fight germs and keep them from spreading. Antiseptics, when applied on skin, prevent the development and spread of infections and prevent the growth of microorganisms in baby’s skin. This is normally seen in diaper creams that are formulated to protect your baby’s bum from skin irritation and infection. Pureen Nappy Rash Cream has antiseptic properties for the prevention and treatment of nappy rash. It can relieve symptoms of itchy and sometimes painful atopic dermatitis in babies.




DEET is the common term used for N,N-Diethyl-m-toulamide, a substance used in most insect repellants. It does not actually kill mosquitoes but repels them. So, why do we need to make products for babies DEET free? There have been research in the past that shows the harmful effects of DEET in very young children. So it’s best to chose mosquito repellants without it like Pureen Rekito that is tested safe for use for children 1 year and older.



Plant-based surfactants

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, many cleaners are now made with plant-based surfactants instead of harmful petrochemicals. Plant-based surfactants are substances derived from plants and are added to cleaning agents. They are natural,  more eco-friendly since, when mixed in the water system, it isn’t toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. These products are also deemed safer for use in cleaning baby’s things like bottles and utensils. Pureen Liquid Cleanser for Bottles is formulated from plant-based surfactants and safe to use in cleaning baby’s toys, bottle, utensils, and even fruits or vegetables.  

Pureen products can be conveniently purchased online from Qoo10, Lazada and Shopee.


6 Food Items that surprisingly work well in bath products

These delicious food items found in your fridge can be found in your bath products too!

Did you know that there are many food items in your kitchen that are now being used to nourish and clean kids’ skin? People are harnessing the power of yummy natural food in so many bath products like shampoo, shower gel, and soap. And they have surprisingly been doing the job well. Who knew your kids could eat them and bathe with them too?

Here are just six of the food items found in bath products that have had amazing results for the skin.



1.  Carrot

Hand-made soap makers often use carrot puree and buttermilk to make all-natural baby soap that’s fragrance and alcohol free. The carrot is rich in beta-carotene, a good anti-oxidant. It’s also rich in Vitamin A and C to nourish the skin and clean off impurities. 



2.  Banana

Mashed bananas (mixed with yogurt and honey) have been used by people as a homemade all natural facial. These days the healthy snack is also used to make organic, all-natural soap and other body wash. Bananas are rich in vitamins A, C, and E as well as minerals like potassium, zinc, iron, and magnesium that are known to moisturize the skin. It also has soothing properties for dry itchy skin. Its anti-inflammatory property on the other hand help cure minor skin irritations.



3.  Milk

We all know the benefits of drinking milk but milk applied to skin or hair can work wonders too! Milk is one of the richest sources of moisturizing ingredients. It has been used for hundreds of years to keep skin and hair silky smooth. It nourishes the skin’s deeper layers, which effectively relieves dry, itchy, and scaly skin.



4.  Honey

Not only is honey fun and yummy to slather on pancakes and other scrumptious food stuff, this natural ingredient is good when applied directly on the skin and hair too. This amazing substance has antibacterial and antifungal properties that could fight the growth and spread of germs. Its anti-inflammatory property soothes and relieves minor irritations. Its antibacterial properties can even help heal minor cuts and wounds.



5.  Oats

Oats have been used to cure skin ailments for centuries. Numerous new research studies have found the benefits of using oats for the skin. It has been proven effective in relieving dryness and itchiness due to its antipruritic properties. It also keeps the skin’s natural moisture layer, which protects it from dryness, damage, and irritation. Oats are known to help sooth eczema and other skin rashes.



6.  Yogurt

Chock full of vitamins, minerals and probiotics yogurt offers so many benefits to the body not just inside but also when applied onto the skin or hair. It offers gentle skin exfoliation and leaves the skin moisturized. Yogurt can also soothe sunburn—applying this after sun exposure can help soothe dry, chapped, and irritated skin. And it does wonders for the hair too! It leaves the hair feeling soft, smooth, and looking shiny. Its antifungal and microbial properties keep the scalp clean and free from germs.



Use a mild head to toe wash with yogurt like Pureen Kids Yogurt Head-to-Toe Wash to help keep your kids’ skin and hair squeaky clean and silky smooth. This one comes with yummy scents like vanilla, apple, peach, mango, raspberry, and bubble gum for a fun bath time experience. Best of all this one’s good for adults too, so mum can join in on the fun.

Pureen products can be purchased online! Visit Qoo10, Lazada and Shopee today!

The ready-for-anything mum’s diaper bag packing list

Heading out for the day with your child in tow? Stocking up your diaper bag with the utmost essentials will give you peace of mind that your baby’s safety and comfort will be taken care of, no matter where you might be.



Before you became a mum, you’ve probably wondered on why mums would bring out such huge diaper bags with them, when the human that they need to take care of is so tiny!

But now that you’re a mum, you realize that the tinier the human, the more things you need to bring with you—you’d bring along the contents of his whole nursery if you could! But since you can’t do that, how do you zero in on the essentials, but still make sure that you’ll be prepared for any booboo?

Here’s a list of things to bring that will address all the minor concerns you’ll have when you’re out and about with your child:

1.  2 complete sets of clothes

Remember to match the clothes with the weather, and to bring a jacket in case you’re headed somewhere with the AC on full blast. Two sets of clothing might seem like a little too much, but it will save you from worrying of running out (and frantically buying clothes for him on the spot.)


2.  Two or more nappies

If you’ll be using reusable diapers, remember to bring along the cleaning product you use for it as well.


3.  Changing mat

You never know where or when you’ll be able to change a diaper, and sometimes there’s no bathroom in sight. A changing mat, or even just a long piece of cloth, will be of great help to you when you need to change the baby’s nappy, pronto. 


4.  Baby wipes

While other mums prefer to use water and cotton balls, that system isn’t particularly handy during a changing emergency. Baby wipes are much more handy, especially when you’re changing a squirming baby who won’t lie still! Another plus—it comes in handy when you need to disinfect any surface, from high chairs to new toys.


5.  Diaper crème

Keeping your child’s skin smooth, safe, and protected is a bigger challenge when exposed to outside elements. Bring your diaper crème along to avoid any redness or discomfort.


6.  Plastic resealable bag

Babies soil their clothes in so many different ways, from spit up to food, so a plastic resealable bag is your best friend when it comes to keeping their soiled clothes from contaminating the rest of the contents of your diaper bag. It can also serve as an instant trashcan for your soiled diaper.


7.  Small towel

Isn’t it a wonder that children get so sweaty, even when it’s not even hot? Wipe them down frequently, especially during active play.


8.  Baby powder

Aside from keeping your baby smelling as sweet as—well, a baby, a sprinkling of baby powder will go a long way in protecting your child from sweat, redness, or rashes.


9.  Mosquito spray

You won’t be able to stop your baby from wailing or scratching an insect bite, and that scratching might lead to a wound or infection. What’s worse is that an innocent-looking insect bite might even turn out to be more, like dengue or Zika! Banish your worries away by keeping a travel-sized mosquito spray with you.


10.  Feeding bottle

When it comes to a hungry baby, you’ve got to feed anytime, anywhere! Bring enough bottles with you, depending on the length of time you’ll be out.


11.  Milk formula dispenser

Even if your milk formula comes in a travel pack, it’s best to put the milk formula into a dispenser for easy access and mixing.


12.  Water (if already within age)

Children sometimes remember to drink when they’re completely parched already. It’s better to bring your own water with you, especially if they’ll be playing or moving a lot. If your child prefers their milk warm, an insulated water container, like a Thermosflask, will keep the water you’ll mix in with the milk powder at the right temperature.


13.  Toy

To make it better, let them choose one on their own. It will give them something fun to do while you’re out and about.

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