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The ready-for-anything mum’s diaper bag packing list

Heading out for the day with your child in tow? Stocking up your diaper bag with the utmost essentials will give you peace of mind that your baby’s safety and comfort will be taken care of, no matter where you might be.



Before you became a mum, you’ve probably wondered on why mums would bring out such huge diaper bags with them, when the human that they need to take care of is so tiny!

But now that you’re a mum, you realize that the tinier the human, the more things you need to bring with you—you’d bring along the contents of his whole nursery if you could! But since you can’t do that, how do you zero in on the essentials, but still make sure that you’ll be prepared for any booboo?

Here’s a list of things to bring that will address all the minor concerns you’ll have when you’re out and about with your child:

1.  2 complete sets of clothes

Remember to match the clothes with the weather, and to bring a jacket in case you’re headed somewhere with the AC on full blast. Two sets of clothing might seem like a little too much, but it will save you from worrying of running out (and frantically buying clothes for him on the spot.)


2.  Two or more nappies

If you’ll be using reusable diapers, remember to bring along the cleaning product you use for it as well.


3.  Changing mat

You never know where or when you’ll be able to change a diaper, and sometimes there’s no bathroom in sight. A changing mat, or even just a long piece of cloth, will be of great help to you when you need to change the baby’s nappy, pronto. 


4.  Baby wipes

While other mums prefer to use water and cotton balls, that system isn’t particularly handy during a changing emergency. Baby wipes are much more handy, especially when you’re changing a squirming baby who won’t lie still! Another plus—it comes in handy when you need to disinfect any surface, from high chairs to new toys.


5.  Diaper crème

Keeping your child’s skin smooth, safe, and protected is a bigger challenge when exposed to outside elements. Bring your diaper crème along to avoid any redness or discomfort.


6.  Plastic resealable bag

Babies soil their clothes in so many different ways, from spit up to food, so a plastic resealable bag is your best friend when it comes to keeping their soiled clothes from contaminating the rest of the contents of your diaper bag. It can also serve as an instant trashcan for your soiled diaper.


7.  Small towel

Isn’t it a wonder that children get so sweaty, even when it’s not even hot? Wipe them down frequently, especially during active play.


8.  Baby powder

Aside from keeping your baby smelling as sweet as—well, a baby, a sprinkling of baby powder will go a long way in protecting your child from sweat, redness, or rashes.


9.  Mosquito spray

You won’t be able to stop your baby from wailing or scratching an insect bite, and that scratching might lead to a wound or infection. What’s worse is that an innocent-looking insect bite might even turn out to be more, like dengue or Zika! Banish your worries away by keeping a travel-sized mosquito spray with you.


10.  Feeding bottle

When it comes to a hungry baby, you’ve got to feed anytime, anywhere! Bring enough bottles with you, depending on the length of time you’ll be out.


11.  Milk formula dispenser

Even if your milk formula comes in a travel pack, it’s best to put the milk formula into a dispenser for easy access and mixing.


12.  Water (if already within age)

Children sometimes remember to drink when they’re completely parched already. It’s better to bring your own water with you, especially if they’ll be playing or moving a lot. If your child prefers their milk warm, an insulated water container, like a Thermosflask, will keep the water you’ll mix in with the milk powder at the right temperature.


13.  Toy

To make it better, let them choose one on their own. It will give them something fun to do while you’re out and about.

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