Formulated Exclusively for Pure Laboratories Inc., USA

Feminine Wipes Flushable

Feminine Wipes Flushable


  • ’Flushable’ and ’Biodegradable’ plant-based material
    - Can flush into the toilet.
      Recommended disposal of wipes: Flush one wipe at a time.
    - Able to break down after flushing and biodegrade over time.
    - Flushability is tested in accordance with INDA/EDANA Flushability Guidelines and Code of Practice.
  • Gynaecologist Tested
    - Clinically proven not to induce irritation or reaction on the skin following repeated usage on female genital area.
  • Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist Tested
    - Clinically proven not to induce skin irritation and allergic reaction even for sensitive skin.
  • Formulated with Lactic Acid
    - Lactic Acid maintains an optimal pH balance of the female intimate area and prevents the development of harmful bacteria.
  • Extra Moist and Fortified with Moisturising Ingredients
    - Fortified with Natural Aloe Vera Extract to soothe, moisturise and refresh female intimate area.
  • Fragrance free, Alcohol free and Paraben free
    - Gentle on skin and suitable for individual with sensitive skin.


  • After each urination.
  • After exercise and outdoor activities.
  • During menstruation period.
  • Swapping a new sanitary pad or panty liner.
  • Use as personal hygiene wipes when visiting the public toilet, e.g., taking a long-haul flight and road trip, or when water and soap are not accessible.
  • Suitable for use during maternity and pregnancy.

3 x 10’s